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MUST READ: The Rules

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MUST READ: The Rules

Post by Ryno on Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:10 pm

Hi. These are the rules of the entire forum as a whole.

Some of these rules don't apply to Admins.

Underline applies to Admins
*Special Note

1. Do not start or be a part of a flame war. *Moderators and Admins have the right to shut down and lock threads involving flame wars.
2. Do not beg for Reputation or Points.
3. Use appropriate grammar.
4. Don't spam.

5. Duplicate and shared accounts aren't allowed. Duplicates will be deleted. *Admins can only have up to 3 other accounts.
6. Nudity is not allowed in any form. Not even text. Offenders immediately get punishment #3 if they haven't gotten 3+ punishments.
7. Do not hack into the site or use exploits to get something. Offenders have their account banned forever and are IP banned.


1. Warning point added
2. Banned for 30 minutes + warning point added
3. Banned for 6 hours + warning point added
4. Banned for 1 day + warning point added
5. Banned for 1 week + warning point added + 10 reputation points removed + no more PM
6. Banned for 1 month + warning point added + 10 reputation points removed + added to the "Criminals" group
7. Banned for life + warning point added + banned status

After moderators get banned for the first time, they lose their moderator status and cannot moderate anymore. This includes Admins.

Thanks for reading.

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